Will Laser Power Whitening Treatment Willmake All My Teeth Whiter?

Yes it does. Laser or power whitening has been prove to be a efficient and quick method of whitening teeth treatment that has over tie gained popularity because of its efficient ad consistent results of whitening teeth giving you a brighter whiter smile. We will show you before the treatment on the shade guide how the teeth will go afterwards.

Are the teeth whitening results same in everyone?

Everyone is different and this brings about different shades of teeth tone color. These directly affect teeth whitening results. However most people experience about 5-10 shades brighter whitening results. Typically though you are given the option of choosing the precise shade of white tone you would like your teeth to before we start the whitening so you can see in advance!

Can I prevent my teeth from being too white?

As stated earlier you are given the option of choosing the white color shade that you desire thus you are in full control of the results even before the commencement of the whitening teeth treatment.

How long will the Laser Whitening smile results last?

With every one having their unique teeth structure, the length whitening result period varies from person to person. However, on average the results are able to last for 18 to 24 months or more before requiring another procedure is required. The top up sessions are only £99.00 so at least we make whitening affordable for customers to have it done regular enough to maintain a white smile.

Does my day to day behavior affect the results lasting period of the laser treatment?

Definitely this depends largely on the overall oral care that you give it that will ensure that the results stay for a longer period. Making and keeping dentist appointments also go a long way in helping to keep overall dental health as a priority that plays a major part I identifying and correcting dental problems.

Will my smoking affect the treatment outcome?

Nicotine stains teeth and thus smokers experience worst of the staining scenarios that require teeth whitening. However this is not an issue for laser whitening as exceptional results are achieved after teeth whitening laser procedure.

What causes the staining and discoloration of my teeth?

There are certain foods and drinks that stain teeth; these include coffee, blueberries and partaking of red wine. Also inconsistent dental care and neglect can cause teeth staining especially if one is a smoker.

Is there an age barrier consideration for laser teeth treatment?

At the moment we are treating customers who are above 18 years old.

Some of my fillings, caps, crowns or veneers need to be replaced should I do this prior to or after the treatment?

Fillings and crowns have their own unique white shade coloring, this ill benchmark the whitening shade that should be done in order to blend well with the rest of the natural teeth. Thus the best time is after replacing and teeth filling.

Am over 50 does, am I still qualified?

As long as one is currently over the age of 18 years, age is not a barrier in achieving whiter brighter smiles. Over 50’s will see great results as there are more staining to be removed from the teeth.

Should I worry that my teeth will be excessively sensitive during Laser Whitening?

No there is no need for worry, a de-sensitizing agent is use to ensure that the treatment goes off smoothly and with the least amount of discomfort.

Should I expect some sensitivity after laser whitening treatment?

As with every dental procedure, some sensitivity is expected however this is temporary and fades away after a day or two after the laser treatment procedure.

How many whitening sessions am I allowed?

The procedure is designed to last for a period of 18 to 24 months after which retouch of the procedure should be done to keep your teeth white.

To achieve the desired white teeth shade, how many sessions am I to undertake at your center?

Just one session of about two hours is sufficient. This includes consultation and the actual laser treatment procedure to get the desired white teeth.

If the whitening results are unsatisfactory, can I come for a retouch and will I incur extra charges?

The procedure is intended to be done in a methodical and efficient manner that no such cases can occur however if this is the case, treatment and retouch is offered to you without any added fee charge.

Do you offer after working hour’s service appointments?

Yes, we offer evening and weekend services to our full time working clients at no extra charge.

Do you avail discounts for a group booking?

Yes, our laser whitening center offers discount for groupings of two and above, do contact us for further details on discount offers.

Is your staff personnel trained and insured?

Yes, our staff is insured and well trained, we assure you of the best trained teeth specialist in our center thus your teeth is in good hands.

Why choose Celeb teeth whitening?

We offer a guaranteed service which puts customer first. We are established and have hundreds of customers who return for whitening top up sessions because they are happy with the results and service.

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