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Your teeth especially your smile is a deal maker or a breaker. Having naturally stunning teeth and great breath is a winner. On the contrary having unappealing stained foul breathed teeth is usually frowned upon around the globe. The problem is that as humans, the foods that tend to stain teeth like coffee, red wine, blueberries are the ones indulged in the most. The good news is that you can actually do something about it without entirely compromising your eating diet thanks to new celeb whitening teeth procedures here in Birmingham.

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Celeb whitening of teeth is something that is common nowadays than it was a few years back. No pain, much gain! No need chipping and scrapping of the enamel part to attain that dazzling smile. So many celeb whitening clinics have been put up nationwide. However the trouble isn’t finding them, the dilemma lies in finding a quality service center that will give you the best treatment that you will be proud of at fair price.

Here in celeb whitening we are concerned and have the sincerity of the welfare and satisfaction of our clients at heart. We know a happy customer is a loyal customer and great feedback to other people. Hence we take your needs to heart. No more needing to wait for months to have your get an appointment’s book and get those desired white teeth.

Why choose us

Well it is quite simple. We have been around for a long while and know what you need and how to do it. Skilled experienced professionals are used to help you get that smile without risking your health. We have skilled professionals who don’t skim on products or use potentially hazardous products on your teeth. Instead we use quality products ensuring that your gums and teeth remain healthy.

Save Time: you should also use us because we take a short time. Some over the counter methods will potentially harm you or take weeks on end to give results. Other places have disorganized booking records that can make you wait for months. However here in celeb whitening, we ensure that in only one hour, you leave our business center here in Birmingham a changed person, satisfied and glowing.

No pain: you are assured of no pain. This means physical pain of whitening your teeth is eliminated and economic pains are reduced. No need of getting a loan for a smile because our pricing is affordable to all. What we promise at celeb whitening is what you get. No more need for second or third follow ups because some teeth have the yellow grimly color on them. It once and you are sorted for the next 18 to 24 months.

Confidence: In contacting the services of our celeb whitening centre here in Birmingham , you get to have the teeth you have always desired. This not only boosts your confidence levels by 1000 folds, but you get to become an extrovert. Commanding respect an attention and taking charge of your life. Smiling any chance you get, dazzling everyone and being the best version of you.

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Laser teeth whitening Birmingham
At Celeb, our main aim is to provide a brighter smile to our customers. We do this by using the state of the art technique insofar as teeth whitening is concerned. Of course, we are talking about the laser treatment. Given that this is a relatively new technology, many people have some apprehensions regarding the concept, which is understandable. Questions such as “is it expensive?”, “is it safe?” or even “does it work?” are constantly being asked about the subject. This page will try to answer those questions while explaining the different characteristics of the process

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What is laser teeth whitening?
As you may know, teeth whitening has been a common practice for quite some time. There are several ways to achieve it but the latest treatment in that regard is laser teeth whitening. It involves making one’s teeth appear whiter by using a laser, as its name suggests. However, contrary to popular belief, the latter itself is not directly responsible for bleaching the denticulation. In fact, the dental professional first has to spread a paste that contains peroxide on the teeth – it may be carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The blend is then heated using a carbon dioxide or argon laser and this is what provides the result. For some reason, people think that this method only requires one session for the outcome to be apparent. This is not the case as it also requires a few visits for the treatment to be fully effective.

Why laser teeth whitening is the most popular choice

– State of the art technique
The first reason why this system is the primary choice in Birmingham is that it is the latest technology available in that domain. It is therefore meant to be an upgrade on the conventional technique, which means that it can only be more efficient.

– Less time-consuming
Next is the fact that it is way faster than its counterparts. In fact, it only requires a few sessions while the traditional system might take up to a year to attain optimal results. For the former, a person only needs 2 to 4 treatments, in general, but he might have to wait a fortnight after the previous one for a new session. Moreover, treatment usually does not take more than an hour.

– Professional supervision
The process, regardless of whether it is done using a laser or trays, can result in teeth sensitivity that might be quite significant in some circumstances. The main benefit of using lasers is that it is done by a professional, which means that the latter will be able to closely supervise such cases.

– Safer
It tends to be safer than using trays, despite being a relatively new technique. This is because the substances used in trays are not regulated. It is, therefore, difficult to know whether one is using a trustworthy product or not.

– Less expensive
At first glance, it might seem that laser whitening is more expensive than strips whitening or even trays. It is not necessarily the case, as people tend to forget that the other treatments spread over a long period. This means that everyone having recourse to them have to buy the products a few times before optimal results are visible. Therefore, in the end, the laser treatment is a less costly option.

– Long-term results
This characteristic also contributes to making the process less expensive in some way. In fact, the effects of one session of laser whitening can last for as long as three years. The results are off the charts when compared to whitening strips; the effects are visible for six months in average.

What other options customers have

– Dentist bleaching trays
This is the go-to option for most people. It consists of using a tray that is made from the mould of one’s teeth. It is then filled with a whitening paste and placed on the teeth for a certain period. It is worth noting that the tray may have to remain in the mouth for up to four hours in a single go. Also, the treatment may last for more than a year.

– Crest whitening strips
This product has hit the market in 2001 and is still commonly used. It is a plastic strip resembling a tape that is placed on the teeth for a given period – it depends mainly on the brand being used. The way it works is the side that is placed directly on the teeth contains a gel that makes them look whiter after a few sessions.

– Zoom whitening
This technique is very similar to the one in which lasers are involved, the difference being in the details only. A paste is still applied on the teeth – it is the same gel that is used during laser treatments. However, the dentist will not use a laser here, but a UV lamp. The rays from the latter will break down the gel and this is what allows the enamel and dentin to be penetrated by the oxygen molecules that bleach the teeth.

Why having the treatment done at home is easier and more private
This option is available at Celeb Teeth Whitening and what sets us apart is the fact that we offer to all our customers in Birmingham the possibility to have it done at home. This has several advantages that will be discussed below:

1. The client does not have to set foot outside
Some people do not like to use shared facilities for hygienic reasons. For example, they do not want to lie on a dentist’s bed because they do not like the thought that other people have been there before them. This is comprehensible, and it is the reason why we propose to have it done at home. It might be a new experience for some, and there is no single place where one feels more secure than one’s home. Moreover, it is possible for those having recourse to the treatment to have their loved one next to them for an increased sense of security.

2. It is a more private experience
The experience of having laser treatment varies from person to person. For some people, it might just be a mere formality while for others it can be lead to sensitivity. Therefore, their reactions are different and, for that reason, some person hesitate to go to a dentist to get the treatment. Others simply want their private lives to remain private. This is especially the case high-profile persons and celebrities; the most benign aspects of their lives are exposed to public scrutiny.

3. A matter of convenience
Sometimes, people get ill when they had some things planned and cannot afford to go outside and get them done. This is where the possibility of doing the treatment at home comes in handy. Even if they are sick, the dental professional can still come to their place to do the job. Other persons might have a very tight timetable, making it impossible for them to travel during working hours. It does not matter how busy an agenda might be as a session can only take 15 minutes for some persons. This means that it can easily squeeze through the few spare minutes some people might have during a day.

4. Professional treatment at home
Our clinic has been offering that teeth whitening Birmingham locals can enjoy since 2007. With those many years of practice, we have acquired more and more experience which, in turn, allows us to deliver better laser teeth whitening to our clients. The home treatment is also undertaken by specialists that have been fully trained to cope with any situation. This is a guarantee that our customers can expect the same standards they would normally get in our clinics.

Towns and cities that are close to the Celeb Teeth Whitening Birmingham
Our laser teeth whitening Birmingham residents can enjoy are not limited to that specific area only.

Below is a list of areas in THE UK in which we also provide our services:
– Berkshire
– Northamptonshire
– West Midlands
– Hertfordshire
– Buckinghamshire
– Warwickshire
– Surrey

Also, the laser teeth whitening Birmingham locals receive from us can also be benefited from by people living around the area. This includes places like:
– West Bromwich
– Marston Green
– Sutton Coldfield
– Solihull
– Brierley Hill
– Stourbridge
– Kings Heath

It has been proven above that laser teeth whitening has many advantages over its predecessors. However, the technique is not limited to what has been SUGGESTED.

If ever you have other questions regarding the process, it is possible to contact us on the following phone number: 03300 104 344. If you still have some concerns regarding laser treatment after the call, we offer free consultations to our customers so that we can evaluate the state of their denticulation. This session also helps in reassuring interested parties by showing them the apparatus used for the whitening.


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