Why Drinking Coffee and Tea is bad? In Birmingham

Many people in Birmingham would often drink coffee and tea as they love them so much. They would take a gulp of it in the morning or even in the evening. They might like the idea of having a cup of it in the afternoon for a good break. It is just that over time, they could cause the teeth to have more of the noticeable stains as Drinking coffee and tea is bad in birmingham. Especially if you will have teeth whitening, the coffee and tea would cause teeth stains. And this already is expected once when you continue doing so. The stains will also make you more conscious of yourself. The good thing is that you do not need to live with stained teeth all your life because of these drinks.

What Does the Tea Do to Your Teeth?

This is known for its many potential health benefits. It may also bring about a stained tooth. And with so many different varieties of drinks that can be found in Birmingham, it is just natural to get tempted by each of these. They are more than capable of causing stain teeth. And when the colour of the tea is a lot darker, the more that there were stains to be noticed in your teeth.

It is not only the drink that can cause the stain in your teeth but also even the tomato sauce, cherries, strawberries, wine, soda, coffee, tea, and chocolate. So, better to avoid any of these kinds of stuff when having teeth whitening.

How Do Coffee and Tea Stain the Teeth?

The stains in the cup of coffee and tea in Birmingham can occur as the tannins can build up on the tooth enamel. To understand tannins a lot better, they are known as the organic substances that can be found in plants. These tannins can potentially lead to stains found on teeth. Dark coffees and black teas are by far the biggest culprits considering teas. And black teas can, even more, cause tooth discolouration as compared to coffee.

How to Best Remove Stains Brought by Coffee and Tea?

The idea of having to stop drinking coffee and tea in Birmingham might seem difficult on your part. It might make you upset and sad as well. But to better avoid the brown stains on your teeth, do not stop drinking them. Just add some milk to your tea and coffee. Or, drink using a straw to help with the drinking or rinsing of water. Try steeping tea and coffee for just a good minute to lighten your drink up a little bit. And follow a good oral hygiene regime to best reduce the stained teeth. Know as well that this will never be enough. There are so many options that can best improve your coffee-stained teeth’s appearance.

Keep Toothpaste and Toothbrush at Work

It will be a good idea to keep toothpaste and toothbrush at work. They should be readily available to be used after having a morning coffee. There are so far cleansing teeth whiteners to find in Birmingham. They will polish away the surface stains brought by the tannins in the coffee and tea. They can add shine and lustre after using them.

It can be a big deal of drinking coffee and tea while having teeth treatment. For once, they may act against the idea of the treatment bringing out better results for your teeth. And you would not like the idea of spending money in a treatment that won’t go effective.

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