Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

A smile can brighten anybody’s day but with a yellow set like mine it would have done the opposite.

Laser Whitening Treatment Advantage

Laser Whitening Treatment Advantage Over Bleaching Trays

Have you previously invested in purchasing bleaching trays from your dentist?
Is it too much hassle to sleep in the trays every night for 14 consecutive nights?
Don’t want to avoid tea, coffee, red wine etc for 14 days?
You want instant results?
Everyone wants to have dazzling white teeth. However it is a fact that over time, our teeth get stained due to various reasons. These reasons range from foods you normally partake like blueberries and pomegranates to what you drink like red wine, coffee/ tea or might be habits that you have picked up like smoking. Nonetheless, bad hygiene or not, the need of re- captivating and enhancing the overall teeth appearance and having dazzling white teeth is enticing.

Why laser treatment is better

Over the years, people have taken up to it themselves with bleaching right at the comfort of their homes, a remedy that has seen many people whiten their teeth. However this method has not always favored many people. Thought as an alternative method to laser treatment, here are some reasons why laser treatment procedure supersedes bleaching trays procedure.

Is It More expensive??

Many people have thought of this as a cheaper alternative to laser whitening treatment, however looking at the statistics, this is not the case. Though the initial cost might be lower, one complete session is doe over time for a minimum of about six weeks on end. This means you will be required to constantly purchase the products every three to six months to achieve plausible results. In the long run, it costs way much more than having laser treatment which requires only one session that with results that lasts 24 to 36 months.

Time consuming

Laser teeth whitening treatment takes a maximum of only two hours from the consultation process to having dazzling white teeth. On the other hand, the use of bleaching trays is a tedious and time consuming process. It takes a minimum of six weeks and it is not a onetime process. Retouch is required in between the year. It proves to also be a cumbersome process as you have to wear the bleaching trays for an hour or so every day for one hour or more, as instructed.


At one of our Celeb teeth whitening centers, the whitening teeth procedure is done in such a way that you get satisfactory results. However this is not always the case with home bleaching trays. One too many times will you achieve a spotted and unsightly look of yellow discolorations on white teeth. This is extremely disappointing and unsightly and thus you get to start all over again to get rid of the yellow spotting.

Unsafe products

Most products that are used with over the counter bleaching trays are unregulated. This means that by your using of them you put yourself in constant harm’s way of using potentially toxic bleaching substances. These products may lead to the damaging of your teeth in the end. Nonetheless this is never the case in our celeb teeth whitening center. We acknowledge the importance of using quality products and thus assure you of the use of quality products in all our bleaching procedures.


At our center, the only part you play is sitting back and letting us do all the work for you. With bleaching trays however, you have no professional assistance and thus majority of the time translate to having unprofessional looking whitened teeth as end results. The dedication needed puts a strain on everyone using this as a method and thus you can logically conclude that laser teeth whitening is a better procedure.