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Laser teeth whitening is perfect for anyone who has stained teeth created by smoking, tea, cola, coffee, red wine, curries and just about anything in our diets and it works every time!

There are many reasons why your teeth might not be the color you would have always hoped for. Medication, food, drink and smoking may be any one of the many causes which may result in your teeth not looking as clean and bright as you would like them to. Having yellow or stained teeth can be frustrating and using toothpaste and mouthwashes alone may not help you get the bright, white smile you want to achieve.

Do not worry as help is at hand. We can help your teeth look like you have always dreamy. Having stained or yellow teeth can effect how you feel about your smile and can effect your confidence, especially when meeting new people. You may feel at a loss but we can help, laser tooth whitening is the answer.

We offer fast and pain free results with little or no sensitivity and unlike use at home treatments our results are instant, giving you the bright, clean smile you have always wanted.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening in Northampton.

You can expect almost instantaneous results with laser teeth whitening and the procedure itself is over within an hour.

Laser teeth whitening is totally safe and highly effective. You can consult a teeth whitening specialist to know more about this system.

The results of this procedure are long lasting and may even last for years depending upon your lifestyle.


With a laser teeth whitening procedure in Northampton, you won’t have to mess around with those tedious home based teeth whitening kits every few days.

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Good Work

Superb service and great job. I am a chain smoker and needless to say my teeth got yellow due to that. Celeb teeth whitening completely reversed that. Nowmy smile is sparkly white again.

– Michel