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Blue Light Whitening Works it really does as the energy created from the light and heat from the blue light means we can dramatically reduce the time required to whiten the teeth to just one hour’s treatment and one appointment needed!

Teeth whitening with whatever the method will open the micro-pores within the enamel to release the staining and the stronger the whitening gel and the more powerful and effective the light then the better the teeth will whiten and more importantly last.

This is why we do not undertake a blue light whitening treatment in 15-20 minutes like some of our competitors as tests and years of experience has proven the teeth need between 35-50 minutes to properly whiten them, otherwise the results will last a lot less time. This is because the gel will not travel deep enough in the enamel to target the darker coloration we accumulate when we get older.

Laser blue light whitening is perfect for anyone who wants instant results and Celeb laser whitening has plenty of local clinics to help you get that whiter smile to make you feel good about smiling again!

Laser whitening in Slough from Celeb can help you make sure the first impression somebody gets of you is a positive one. In the past only celebrities had their teeth laser whitened, but now anyone can have the same treatment. A few people have naturally white teeth, but most of us do not. They become stained over time due to food and drink, and nicotine stains if you are a smoker. Laser whitening can eliminate the staining that has happened to your teeth over the years, which gives you a younger, healthy appearance.

No amount of brushing your teeth with toothpaste will ever get them to look as white as a one hour laser whitening treatment from Celeb in Slough. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your appearance and you’ll be amazed at how confident it can make you feel. The chances are that once you’ve had it done, your friends will want the same treatment once they hear how quick and easy it was.