Smoking and Teeth Whitening

A smile can brighten anybody’s day but with a yellow set like mine it would have done the opposite.


Smoking And Teeth Whitening

It is a fact that many people who smoke experience extensive staining to their teeth. it is not only unsightly, but it makes them stand out from the crowd in a bad way thus identified and stigmatized for their smoking addiction habits. As much as many people enjoy their tobacco, smoking does great injustice to their personal grooming especially causing teeth and fingers staining that are made much worse with the very present strong nicotine odor. The staining is done by the nicotine present in the cigarette that leaves tar stains that become deeply incorporated in the plaque and remaining food stuffs with every day smoking.

Reason for undergoing teeth whitening as a smoker-

Well the main reason is that you are tired of standing out as different. The yellow stains never seem to get off even with vigorous teeth brushing for hours. This makes it impossible to remove the stains that make one self conscious and out of place. For those pearly teeth, celeb teeth’s whitening is the way to go to get that whiter brighter smile. At least then you are assured of having white teeth for a change.

How long wills it last

The lasting effect differs from person to person as everyone is unique, nonetheless it still largely depend largely on you. The frequency has a direct relation to how long the Celeb teeth whitening will last. However here at Celeb teeth whitening, we promise that you get the very best results from the laser power whitening treatment. It’s a fact that as a smoker, you will need top up treatment to ensure that the results stay for a longer period of time probably every 18-24 months is ideal. Here we ensure that cheaper whitening top up rates for existing customers.

Added benefits of undergoing teeth whitening treatment as a smoker

As another added complementary means, we recommend that you also engage in other supplementary methods of keeping your teeth white. The advantage of this is that using home based care treatment whitening procedure; you get to have it all at a cheaper rate. What is more you will be spending less financially as the process calls for less costly teeth whitening bleaching products enabling you to get that brighter whiter smile.

It also proves cheaper in terms of time. No need of waiting weeks on end to achieve the same results after undergoing laser whitening treatment as it’s a top up. in just three weeks; you will get the best results as a complement to the celeb whitening procedure. On top of this here at celeb teeth whitening, we ensure that you are at your best set position to command back and take charge off the overall your overall dental hygiene of your teeth. Thus this gives you the best way forward of having good oral hygiene.

A wonderful achievement and superb service that you get hence getting great white teeth whether you are a smoker or non- smoker.