Teeth Sensitivity

A smile can brighten anybody’s day but with a yellow set like mine it would have done the opposite.


Facts About Teeth Sensitivity

The process of teeth whitening brings about various emotions in different individuals. It’s always enticing to know that one can achieve instant reliable whitening results brighter by five to ten shades the original color. However many people have over time carried on with the belief that because it’s instantaneous, there is high levels of sensitivity and pain that is expected during and after the procedure. This is partly untrue. As a chemical procedure some discomfort is expected, however it is minor and short lasting for 99% of people. At our Celeb teeth whitening center we have taken certain steps to ensure that you get the best results with little or no discomfort experienced on your part.

Quality Product

At our Celeb teeth whitening we use quality products without compromise.

This directly means that we shun the use of highly corrosive and potentially dangerous and toxic bleaching products. Unlike the popular tooth whitening procedure that contains high levels of hydrogen peroxide, we use laser whitening method that promotes quality work without use of dangerous and hazardous chemicals. In effect we use products that are efficient and reliable but still gentle on teeth thus eliminate the risk of your enamel being eaten up’ as it were by sub standard bleaching products. This directly affects the staining and the sensitivity of teeth to hot or cold items.

Tailor needs

During consultation, at one of our Celeb whitening centers we look at each and every individual dental patient differently. All current and past dental procedures and overall heath condition of the teeth are taken into account. This leads to a more tailor made procedure that meets the specific needs of the individual and their specific desires. We ensure that at our Celeb whitening center, we give you the service that is just right for you.

De- sensitizing gel

Before the laser whitening procedure commences, we ensure that we minimize the teeth sensitivity the best way we know how. at our whitening center we choose to use a de sensitizing gel that limits the sensitivity felt during and after the procedure. Numbness of the highly sensitive nerve endings is done thus leading to a virtually painless and less uncomfortable procedure. this lasts for hours even after the procedure is over and thus allows your teeth time to get used and adapt as it were to their the changes done, this has proven even so more useful to people who are experience tooth sensitivity prior to the procedure.

Gum isolation

Lastly at our celeb teeth whitening center we go a step further and protect your actual gums from teeth through isolation. By doing this we this, we protect and limit the exposure that your gums have to teeth bleaching chemicals. This means that your gums won’t undergo the dreaded chemical reaction that paves way to high sensitivity levels experienced in different people. In all this you get to have brighter whiter teeth instantly with no discomfort a procedure that can be undertaken virtually by anyone.