Why US?

10 Great Reasons To Use Celeb Teeth Whitening

  1. We remove stains from caffeine, red wine, food and smoking can now be lifted using Laser teeth whitening.
  2. After having your whitening we give you some tips teeth whitening to keep the teeth whiter for longer.
  3. Why not get your teeth whitened before you get married so that your wedding photos will look the best they can with you and your family all having a bright white radiant smile.
  4. Create the best first impression you can at work or at a job interview with lovely white teeth. Laser teeth whitening will give you more confidence and winning smile every time.
  5. Celeb teeth whitening can assure you that we only use the best and safest products available on the market. Our non peroxide treatments give you the best whitening and no pain!
  6. Over the years our teeth can turn off white and more yellow in appearance. Laser teeth whitening can now restore your teeth back to and nice whiter color closer to your original color without the need for cosmetic dentistry and no need to wait weeks like the bleaching trays or strips.
  7. Even if your teeth are not badly stained you can still enjoy the benefits of laser teeth whitening by brightening your smile and getting the Hollywood look in just one session!
  8. We offer maximum convenience of clinic appointments on saturdays or evenings and even home visits when its not possible to attend the clinics.
  9. We are very proud of our professional non pushy approach to our customers. You will receive an honest consultation and you will not be up sold or pressurised into having the procedure if you change your mind at the last minute.
  10. At Celeb we value all of our customers dearly. If your go home happy and tell your friends how satisfied you are with the Celeb teeth whitening this will be the best recommendation we can have. We take every care to ensure you are extremely happy with your results and get the best out of your teeth whitening experience.

It is like anything is life if we have not until we have experienced something that in our mind it becomes clear and the same goes for teeth whitening.

It really is very straight forward and customers always say that after the laser whitening treatment wow that was really easy.

Laser teeth whitening is very popular because the results are instant and you walk and then after the treatment walk out with brighter whiter teeth.

Some customers will experience some short term sensitivity but that disappears after 24-48 hours after the treatment.

Once you have seen you new smile you will be amazed at the whites we achieve at Celeb teeth whitening and this is why so many of our customers come back for the top up treatment in the future.

Celeb teeth whitening is perfect for anyone wanting a whiter smile in a safe and professional environment and the really great thing is that the whole process takes just 90 minutes with the results being instant. Give yourself a smile makeover and feel great about smiling again.

Dean in Windsor – Instant and pain free really good guys.

Sep in Maidenhead – Was not sure it would work on my teeth after years of smoking but colleagues at work could spot the change.

Tracy in Ascot – Nice to get a real service from good people.